How should I run the demo cluster if I want to hav...
# flyte-deployment
How should I run the demo cluster if I want to have the flyte UI at a different port (other than 30080) ?
endpoint: <http://localhost:30084|http://localhost:30084>
The endpoint here tells about your port. Cc @Kevin Su
Hi @KS Tarun , you can change the port in the endpoint, and this configuration can be changed in the config.yaml file.
@KS Tarun, are you able to spin up flyte on a different port?
@Samhita Alla; No, I haven't been able do it. Though I modified the endpoint in the config file, I still get the console at the 30080 port only. http://localhost:30080/console/
After changing the port, did you restart the cluster?
Yes, I did
@Kevin Su / @Prafulla Mahindrakar, why is the config given in the demo start command not getting picked up
flytectl demo start -c <your-config-file>
? I modified the port but it’s 30080 always.
I think the demo runs only on 30080 port or something on those lines. - here is a discussion that mentions about demo using port 30080 only..
I think the demo cluster can run on different port if config changes. The message in command line always shows that
UI is available at <https://localhost:30080>
because we hard code the message in flytectl. btw, demo container didn’t expose port 30083, so you can’t connect to it.
Yes this require config file change in flyte repo called flyte.yaml and regeneration of the single binary Ref for this config .
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cmd/single/root.go:	RootCmd.PersistentFlags().StringVar(&cfgFile, "config", "", "config file (default is ./flyte.yaml)")
docker/sandbox-lite/ start --config /flyteorg/share/flyte.yaml &
docker/sandbox-lite/Dockerfile:COPY flyte.yaml /flyteorg/share/flyte.yaml
flytectl config.yaml is just a client side config and mentions info on where to connect to the server.
steps that should work ideally. • Checkout flyte repo from github • Change the httpPort config in flyte.yaml -> lets say from 30080 -10080 • Change the port in Dockerfile to expose the port 10080 instead of old 30080 • docker build -t lit-image --file docker/sandbox-lite/Dockerfile • flytectl demo start --image lit-image
Another way to do that is updating this line to
, and rebuild the flytectl by running
make compile
. More detail about building the flytectl, check here