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# announcements
šŸ“£ Contributors of the Month šŸ“£ August has been an ML šŸ¤–, Jupyter jupyter, and Helm helm month, thanks to Evan, Calvin, and Sujith! ā€¢ @Evan Sadler has been an active member of the Flyte and UnionML communities. Evan worked on adding a custom flyte type for spark pipelines, and a hugging face šŸ¤— datasets plugin of his is in the works. ā€¢ @Calvin Leather has been doing some work on the jupyter infrastructure. Calvin worked on adding flyte deck to papermill plugin that renders output html as a flyte deck automatically on setting a param. ā€¢ @Sujith Samuel added a helm chart for on-prem which has the keycloak IDP and TLS ingress config. All contributors of the month are available on flyte.org.
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