:tada: Hey <!channel> we're super excited to annou...
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🎉 Hey <!channel> we're super excited to announce release of the open Beta of Revela, our model monitoring API! With this release users can sign-up for free on a self-serve basis. We wanted to share this news with the UnionML community because we've been working with @Niels Bantilan and group on ways to integrate Revela into UnionML. We'd love any feedback from UnionML users/contributors on how they feel about this type of integration. Please be candid on your thoughts about our platform and how you see it fitting in with UnionML - you won't hurt our feelings 🙂 Check out this blog post for info how to register. Also @Zev Isert put together this great demo video. Full Discloser - We're still implementing the alerting feature so please standby...
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