Hey everybody, having some issues with returns fro...
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Hey everybody, having some issues with returns from the FlyteAdmin grpc client. We make a request to list all launch plans in a project and received only one in return. (There are more than a 10 listed in the console). Here's the request: we do have a proxy that should forward all protos
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client = Opus::GrpcClients::Gocode::FlyteAdminProxySrv::AdminServiceClient.new(
        service_name: "flyte-admin-proxy-srv-grpc"
named_entity_identifier = Opus::Autogen::Proto::Flyteidl::Admin::NamedEntityIdentifier.new(
        project: "cost-platform",
        domain: "adhoc"
resource_list_request = Opus::Autogen::Proto::Flyteidl::Admin::ResourceListRequest.new(
        id: named_entity_identifier,
        limit: 50
Please ignore. This is now resolved.