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Renata Rodrigues Gotler

08/15/2022, 6:35 PM
Hi, I'm trying to pass a FlyteDirectory between tasks... When I pass it from python task to ShellTask it works as expected, but when I pass from python task to python task the directory came empty. Can someone help me?

Niels Bantilan

08/15/2022, 6:43 PM
hey Renata, do you have a minimum repro example where you’re seeing this issue?
Following up on this issue, I created a bug ticket: In summary, FlyteDirectory objects need to be explicitly `.download()`ed in a remote execution, but not in a python runtime, causing confusion, since we want parity between how flyte works locally and remotely. @Smriti Satyan @Samhita Alla we should create docs tickets to: • update the “working with folders” doc • update the FlyteDirectory api reference: for some reason the docstrings aren’t rendering
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