Hi all! Is there a way to fetch workflow informati...
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Hi all! Is there a way to fetch workflow information within a task? I know we can flytekit.current_context() but wonder how we can get the workflow information. It is discouraged for us to use fetch_workflow().
what are you trying to look up? the currently running workflow?
this is definitely information that propeller has but i think it’s maybe not injected into the container.
I know I can get the execution id, but how can I get the workflow from execution id without using the flytekit Remote client?
to what end might i ask?
also what workflow? (if this is inside a subworkflow which is inside a dynamic task, that constructed the subworkflow and the subworkflow itself doesn’t exist in admin)
So the loop is: Before, we will put the GIT_HASH as a env into the image. Now, we migrate to CI to build the image, so we cannot have the GIT_HASH any more. (Hopefully you remember this!) So the way I am trying to do is, get the context by
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And get version by
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execution = remote.fetch_execution(
                project=execution_id.project, domain=execution_id.domain, name=execution_id.name
            return execution.spec.launch_plan.version
But it is a not very good practice to allow flyte node to access flyte admin proxy...
The way to generate the version is {branch_name}-{git_hash}
the goal is to get the launch plan version?
So to your question:
also what workflow?
I am not sure what impact would be but in theory, the version should be the same? (workflow vs subworkflow)
is launch plan version not the same as the task version?
Will task_version == launch_plan version?
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launch_plan {
  resource_type: LAUNCH_PLAN
  project: "ml-exploration"
  domain: "adhoc"
  name: "src.python.flyte.ml_exploration.reproducible_example.main.reproducible_example"
  version: "felixm-PYTHON-527-fix-flyte-registration-3190ad1272a7"
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{'_stats': <flytekit.core.mock_stats.MockStats at 0x7fd6d470ad00>,
 '_execution_date': datetime.datetime(2024, 6, 28, 19, 34, 24, 45322),
 '_working_directory': '/tmp/flytef4ztieh4/user_space',
 '_execution_id': project: "local"
 domain: "local"
 name: "local",
 '_logging': <Logger flytekit.user_space (INFO)>,
 '_raw_output_prefix': '/tmp/flyte-bawvan6b/raw',
 '_attrs': {},
 '_secrets_manager': <flytekit.core.context_manager.SecretsManager at 0x7fd6d470a1c0>,
 '_checkpoint': None,
 '_decks': [],
 '_task_id': TASK:local:local:local:local}
not necessarily, but it usually is. if you are calling a reference task, then no, it will definitely be different
but in the normal ci flow where you just register a whole bunch of files then yes
why is everything local? that looks like local execution
in a live run, all these should be there
I run this in a notebook
in a live run, all these should be there
This works! Thank you Yee!
@Yee One more question if you happened around: Can I get the task's image uri by an easy way? Like getting from an env above or some other API?
no that we haven’t done.
most users have that built into the image itself.
but i’m guessing you can’t do that? chicken and egg type thing?
Yup I agree. It is similar to docker image where you cannot query image info within a running container
put in a ticket for this?
is this something you’d be willing to contribute to?
Sorry was very busy recently. Yeah I can take a look and try to contribute after I wrapped up my current stuff.