Hi everyone! I’m running a flyte demo start, but s...
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Hi everyone! I’m running a flyte demo start, but some error message run out like:
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INFO[0000] [0] Couldn't find a config file []. Relying on env vars and pflags. 
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Error: Malformed version: flytectl/v0.8.24
{"json":{},"level":"error","msg":"Malformed version: flytectl/v0.8.24","ts":"2024-06-24T14:19:17+08:00"}
I already run
export FLYTECTL_CONFIG=~/.flyte/config-sandbox.yaml
and this is content in config-sandbox
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  # For GRPC endpoints you might want to use dns:///flyte.myexample.com
  endpoint: localhost:30080
  insecure: true
# This is not a needed configuration, only useful if you want to explore the data in sandbox. For non sandbox, please
# do not use this configuration, instead prefer to use aws, gcs, azure sessions. Flytekit, should use fsspec to
# auto select the right backend to pull data as long as the sessions are configured. For Sandbox, this is special, as
# minio is s3 compatible and we ship with minio in sandbox.
    endpoint: <http://localhost:30002>
    access-key: minio
    secret-key: miniostorage
Sorry for bothering, I’m a flyte beginner, thx
which version of flytectl are you using?
Oh, sorry, flytectl is v0.8.18
I have solved the problem because I have two different versions of flytectl installed in the venv at the same time as the local machine
thank you