Hello All, Recently I added 7 flyteplugins to con...
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Hello All, Recently I added 7 flyteplugins to conda-forge. As the number of plugins increases, it would be more manageable to have multiple contributors onboarded to maintain conda-forge recipes of the Flyte plugins. I am planning on hosting a conda-forge recipe creators workshop in near future. Would you like to attend a hands on workshop? Please feel free to respond to this poll and share it with anyone else you might think could benefit from the workshop. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/sugatoray_conda-condaforge-workshop-activity-6962057281697984512-u7yM
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cc: @Niels Bantilan @Yee @Ketan (kumare3) @Martin Stein @Samhita Alla Please feel free to share this with more people and in case you would like to learn how to quickly package conda-forge recipes and maintain them, please update the poll (LinkedIn post).