Hey Everyone, I am trying to use flyte with custom...
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Hey Everyone, I am trying to use flyte with custom image. In which I already copied dataset and trying to access it via code during task run. But When i check that current directory items that dataset is missing during Task run on flyte. also I test it out by directly running custom image using podman it has dataset present in it. Please suggest anything anyone?
Where do you copy it to (what's the path)? How do you build the image?
Hi @Haytham Abuelfutuh....Sorry for being late in responding. I am using this path inside my custom cuda image "/root/dataset". I copied it by making custom dockerfile and build the image out of it. But when i am running pods on flyte with same image which i cross check that it is using this image. But can't access the path or you can say i got path error fault
Please have a look at it @David Espejo (he/him) @Yee if you can help anything related to that
Are you passing the image to image run or task
I am passing it as a pyflyte run --image command
Not in the code
Then it should have it
We cannot help till we see what you are doing
I actually just let Flyte copy the data, make it a default input to a workflow and a flytefile or Flyte directory and Flyte will copy
Umm I will show you some screenshots and explain what I am gonna achieve.
Could you explain me a little in depth...Like as I can't download data inside pod due to some restrictions of organisation. So i want to provide dataset locally to the pod image... how do you do that like what's your way of doing that
Example ‘’’ @workflow def normalize_csv_file( csv_url: FlyteFile=“./tesdata/file.csv”, ) -> FlyteFile: return normalize_columns( csv_url=csv_url,) ‘’’
Ohh I see
Then copy should work
I cannot help as I cannot see your code, docker etc
If you build an image and pass it will work