Hey community! I’m getting an unexpected registrat...
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Hey community! I’m getting an unexpected registration error after updating to the latest flytekit/flytectl that I’d appreciate help understanding!
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Error 0: Code: MismatchingTypes, Node Id: n4, Description: Variable [o0] (type [union_type:{variants:{simple:STRUCT  structure:{tag:"Typed Dict"}}  variants:{simple:NONE  structure:{tag:"none"}}}]) doesn't match expected type [union_type:{variants:{simple:STRUCT  structure:{tag:"Python Dictionary"}}  variants:{simple:NONE  structure:{tag:"none"}}}].
        Error 1: Code: ParameterNotBound, Node Id: n4, Description: Parameter not bound [values].
More details in 🧵
Essentially what I have that is resulting in this error is:
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def get_values_workflow() -> typing.Optional[dict[int, float]]:
def process_values_task(values: typing.Optional[dict[int, float]]) -> typing.Optional[FlyteFile]:
	if values is None:
		logger.warning("No values to process)
		return None
		figure = create_output_flytefile(values)
		return figure
def main_workflow() -> CustomResultClass:
	values = get_values_workflow()
	flytefile = process_values_task(values=values)
	return CustomResultClass(myfile=flytefile)
The way I’m reading the error is it seems like it thinks my reference launch plan
is returning a
Typed Dict
but it’s expecting the input to my task
to be a
Python Dictionary
, even though I’ve defined the return type and input types both to be
typing.Optional[dict[int, float]]
this could be the issue: https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/pull/2390/files#diff-68624e201f644896b015de1a5716eabef9b8b5a106caba1d9f21c51c0708684bR1663-R1664. but i'm not sure why the tag is being set to
Typed Dict
. cc @Kevin Su
could you re-register your launch plan with the latest flytekit and update the version in your code?
Ah I should have included this in my post: I am registering with flytectl 0.8.24 and flytekit 1.12.2. It looks like the change you linked is in that version if I’m reading this right
that's right. are you still seeing the error? have you tried reregistering your launch plan and updating the version?
Yes, after updating the version I still get the error on registration! (sorry for the delay, I was traveling!)
Oh actually.. would it make a difference if the
was registered in a different project with an older version? I realized with my
in this example, I’m registering using the latest flytekit & flytectl, but the reference launch plan (
in this example) may have been registered with an older version
we set the tag here. tag is the name of transformer. @Samhita Alla we might need to revert this line of change (Python Dictionary -> Typed Dict).
@Ailin Yu to unblock you first, you can re-register reference launch plan with new flytekit and run your workflow again
@Kevin Su should we revert? "typed dict" didn't feel right as dict needn't be typed anymore.
yes, I know, but it force them to re-register reference launch plan again, which is not good and error message is not clear.
typing.Dict[str, int]
will still be serialized to idl by DictTransformer, right? I think user doesn’t care about the name of the transformer though. we could add some comments in
thank you 🙏