For folks - thank you <@U03LB7964RK> for pointing ...
# flyte-deployment
For folks - thank you @Andrew Achkar for pointing this out. It seems AWS prefers using -, for sagemaker
would other folks be interested
we can easily migrate to using this instead
@Andrew Achkar would you be open to filing an issue?
cc @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) / @Yee / @Kevin Su
this operator seems complete and maintained?
Sure, I can create a GH issue
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this operator seems complete and maintained?
Per the, the sagemaker-controller is listed as RELEASED and in GENERAL AVAILABILITY.
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To be fair, I have only just noticed this project today, so I have limited interaction/experience with it.
ya no worries
but i had a chat with AWS sometime back and they were building this