Hi flyte community, happy monday :laughing: So I a...
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Hi flyte community, happy monday 😆 So I am trying to get some clarification on some task related question: I have a
regular python task(T1)
that calls another
regular python task(T2)
without it being dynamic; T2 is a very simple function that runs quickly. I did not want to make T1 dynamic since i didnt wanna add overhead of launching pod for T2. Also I am using T2 in a workflow as a regular python task. My question is
is it a correct way to use it?
or is it fine to call regular task from another regular task. i could create a regular python function and call that from T1 but then i need to create another wrapper for T2 which just calls the regular function and i wanted to avoid that extra stuff. From this page https://docs.flyte.org/projects/cookbook/en/latest/auto/core/flyte_basics/task.html#sphx-glr-auto-core-flyte-basics-task-py i read that
You can execute a Flyte task as any normal function.
maybe i took this statement a bit too liberally
Follow up question is if it is fine to do this? which works fine in remote execution. However giving me a
Promise object is not iterable
error when trying to execute locally.
yeah i don’t think you should do that… sorry
tasks are not meant to call one another unless dynamic.
feel free to refactor out into a pure function though, and call from both.
still patching the other flyteremote issue btw, sorry for the delay, bunch of other changes going in
oh cool, thanks for the clarification. no worries on the flyteremote 😄
hi @Yee sorry to bug you again, but does
Mapped Task
support local execution? I am getting the similar Promise error
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TypeError: Failed to convert return value for var o0 for function balrog_pipeline.workflows.primer_qc.process_expected_primer_qc_workflow.mapper_calculate_spike_in_metrics_in_fastq_dir_2 with error <class 'TypeError'>: No automatic conversion found from type <class 'flytekit.core.promise.Promise'> to FlyteFile.Supported (os.PathLike, str, Flytefile)
it should yeah. can you start a new thread?
(we have a slackbot that caches threads)
sure np
and can you include the function signatures?
will do.