Do I understand the <slack notification documentat...
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Do I understand the slack notification documentation correctly that this is relying on a managed AWS service that flyte sends an email to and which then forwards to slack? 🙂 (Meaning will not work on GCP currently?)
yes this is correct! we do have SendGrid as an alternate email provider implemented
alternatively we could just directly use slack webhook integration
but that will require some implementation work (if you'd like to contribute... 😄)
That seems worth ensuring there are github issues for that, so able to track such work if anyone eventually looks to take on ( I’ve built slack integrations in the past, but don’t have time immanently to take on ). Can @Fabio Grätz, @katrina, or other create relevant issue(s) ( if they don’t already exist )?
sure, done here: please feel free to comment
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Thanks for creating the issue 🙂 (Actually happy to contribute). SendGrid is a viable option for us at the moment. This suggests that one needs to set
in the helm values. Is there anything else that needs to be configured? (Cannot find “sendgrid” in the docs.)
hey @Fabio Grätz i believe you'll want to fill out this in the notifications config
🙂 (Actually happy to contribute).
this would be amazing 😄 let me know if you want to chat a bit about this, would love to see simpler integrations happen!