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@RunLLM What is the quickest way to learn flyte on GCP
To quickly learn Flyte on GCP, follow these steps: 1. Review Deployment Guides: Start with the Flyte deployment guide for a simple cloud deployment. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up Flyte on GCP. 2. Set Up GCP Resources: Create necessary GCP resources such as a GKE cluster, CloudSQL instance, and GCS bucket. Refer to this discussion for instance type recommendations and other setup tips. 3. Configure Flyte: Use a
file to configure Flyte with your GCP settings. Ensure the service account has the necessary permissions. Example configuration can be found here. Would you like more detailed steps or specific examples? Sources: - Flyte deployment guide - this discussion - here 👍 0 button 👎 0 button 💡 Hint: Mention @runllm in the thread for followups.
@muttaqi alladin Also I'd recommend this blog post and the repo referenced there
@David Espejo (he/him) Thank you!