Hi everyone! <Union.ai>, one of the largest contri...
# announcements
Hi everyone! Union.ai, one of the largest contributors to Flyte, has just announced its Serverless platform, powered by Flyte. Why should you check it out? • Zero setup: You only need a Github account to onboard. Bring your code and forget having to provision Kubernetes, manage storage, or configure complex networks. • Remote Image Builder: no need to mess with Dockerfiles to run workflows with custom dependencies. • Extensible: Integrate with third party APIs like ChatGPT using secure secrets. Try out Flyte on Union Serverless and get $30 in free GPU credits when you sign up here. --- If you want to learn more, see a demo and ask questions, join next week's Community Sync: during the 2nd half of the meeting, @Niels Bantilan and @Haytham Abuelfutuh will lead an interactive session moderated by Kelsey Hightower💥 • Tuesday, June 11th • 9:00am • Register --- Thanks!