Calling all contributors, and `Committers`especial...
# contribute
Calling all contributors, and `Committers`especially: ➡️ Please help us test the new Release Candidate and send feedback this week 🙇🏽. The plan is to use this as an intermediate step before the release to capture potential regressions on time. cc @Thomas Newton @Byron Hsu @Fabio Grätz @L godlike @Rafael Raposo @Bernhard Stadlbauer Thank you!
I think I can take it for a test drive in a test env. Anything specific you would like us to try?
@Rafael Raposo • we'd love to gather evidence that this is fixed: • If on Azure, confirm the config in the flyte-core works • Agents in bigger deployments. • Sanity check the changes to the helm charts Not that you're expected to complete all of the above, but those are some of the key areas. Thanks so much!