I have a clarifying question about how notificatio...
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I have a clarifying question about how notifications are currently implemented (context: I’m again looking at a proper slack webhook integration, we need this 🙈): This docs page shows how a launch plan can be created with email notifications. These notifications seem to be sent in admin here (and then here) in execution manager. This suggests that these email notifications configured in the launch plan are sent (synchronously?) at the same place in admin where events and cloud events are emitted. Do I understand it correctly that the email notifications configured in a launch plan are thus handled differently than the emails which can be configured via the async publisher processor model which would send a notification for every single execution - and not only the ones which configure notifications at the launch plan level? Is my understanding thus correct that no queue+publisher+processor is needed for such notifications configured only for specific launch plans?
Cc @John Votta
It does use queue etc. this impacts reliability of the notifications. They use the same underlying infrastructure. The difference is the event propagation happens only when specific launchplan matches and notifications are configured On a side note - you could configure notifications as a task using agents
Thanks for the clarification 🙏 I configured notifications via mail/sendgrid for now - does the job ..