Hello there! :wave: Hope this is the right place t...
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Hello there! 👋 Hope this is the right place to ask I just started testing out Flyte. Following this tutorial, I keep getting some FileNotFound errors when I execute the workflow remotely on the sandbox cluster (
pyflyte run --remote filebased_wf.py wf --indirpath input-data
), despite creating the files in minio from browser. On the contrary, I can execute workflows which write files (from tmp). Is there any restriction on reading from minio in sandbox? How should I do it?
For reference, the updated tutorials on FlyteFiles I found in the doc don't read files from s3, rather download them from url - that's also where the question stems from
Pyflyte should automatically upload files if you point to local files
Don’t need to upload manually to minio
Thanks Ketan! My point was to try out a flow in which my workflow is reading data from S3 as later I'll need to read from GCS. I see that's not needed if I have local files, but what if I don't? Is there anything particular I should do to read from storage?
as long as flyte has access to the blob storage, it should work. did you provide s3 uri as input to the workflow?
Thanks Samhita! I was providing with the bucket folder but not the URI, that solved accessing the files! Thank you