This week in Flyte (May 20 - 24) - :star: Flyte re...
# announcements
This week in Flyte (May 20 - 24) Flyte reached 5k Github stars! Thanks to everyone here for helping the project reach this milestone. If you haven't, star the repo! • 🦾 flytectl 0.8.21 release ◦ Fixes bug on token refresh behavior and
flytectl demo
issues • 🦀 Ongoing initiatives to Rustify portions of Flyte: ◦ Replace gRPC with Rust in flytekit's Python SDKflytekit Rust entrypoint (🔥) UpcomingJune's community sync will be a live stream📺


- Eventbrite - Linkedin🗓️ Tuesday, June 4th. 9:00am ◦ ⚠️No Zoom meeting. ◦ This is an experiment. Depending on the experience and your feedback, we'll see if this format works better or not. ◦ Guest presentation is definitely not to miss: ▪︎ 🧠 Neural big data analysis and how is using Flyte to develop models that can predict psychological and behavioral features 🤯 ▪︎ Speaker: @Tom Touati --- Thanks!