Hi all, we recently discovered that changes to the...
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Hi all, we recently discovered that changes to the task structure e.g. the custom field, will lead to a
task with different structure already exists
unless the version string is bumped. This can happen when the task structure is populated with results from an API call (as it is in our custom Flyte task), and the result of that API call is different on a new execution. We have a variety of approaches in mind, and are wondering about feedback. 1. In Flytekit, add the task structure to the version hash calculation 2. In Flyteadmin, allow an execution with different task structure on the same version string, without error, as long as the different task structure is still compatible e.g. same input/output interface, but different Volume Size config 3. In our custom flyte task, move the config out of the custom field, and into the inputs. However, it's unclear what's the best way to make this work, since we are populating the config with results from an API call.