:wave: has anyone been able to set up a decorator ...
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👋 has anyone been able to set up a decorator that can modify the
arguments, specifically
? I'm trying to set up a decorator that takes in a key and adds a node selector via the pod template. The alternative would be a helper function to construct the template but the decorator would be nicer UX
from this doc, it says
should always be the outer most decorator but this use-case feels like that won't work
also, ideally would like to avoid doing this in a custom
definition, and just override the arguments in the default
can you wrap the task decorator itself? rather than adding above it?
maybe play with adding it above too. for background, i think the reason we said that is because it interferes with task loading at runtime.
if you can work around those issues, feel free to add above
we actually already have a wrapper but we're trying to move away from it and use the native task decorator - it'd be better to maintain and there's a lot of users using it if it can cause runtime issues maybe adding above isn't the best idea, but I'll experiment I'm thinking the best solution rn might just be a helper that builds the pod template and returns a dict, and we can unpack that to pass it to the native decorator thanks for the ideas!