Hey all - if I deploy `flyte-core` to a private re...
# flyte-deployment
Hey all - if I deploy
to a private remote k8s cluster - what ports on what services should I be exposing to allow
to connect? I tried looking at/exposing ports on the
service but those don't seem to do the trick. I can't seem to find anything in the docs, either. Apologies if this is a naive question. 🙂
I've followed both individual guides here and neither seem to get me operational 😕 https://github.com/davidmirror-ops/flyte-the-hard-way/blob/main/docs/on-premises
there are 2 ports
http and grpc
flytectl connects using grpc
no this is not a naive question
we are trying to move to buf-connect to solve all these problems, but - hard to keep the jet flying and move
Thanks @Ketan (kumare3)! I'll give it a look again this week. 🙂