Re: `flytectl demo start` and the `Malformed versi...
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flytectl demo start
and the
Malformed version
error some of you are getting since yesterday. With @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) we found a hardcoded reference to the flytectl repo, which used to be fine until flytectl was moved to the flyte repo (a.k.a. monorepo). flytectl always checks for latest version but apparently it doesn't behave well if it points to an archived repo. The issue affects all flytectl versions prior to
Workaround: upgrade flytectl to
. Some of you are already there, and if you still have this problem, use
flytectl demo start  --version v1.12.0
Comment on the bug report if you have further questions/problems. We'll have a fix soon. Sorry for the inconveniences