`flytkit` seems to have a dependency `urllib3>=...
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seems to have a dependency
. Is there a way to make it work with
urllib3 > 2
? I have another library that requires
urllib looks like it’s mainly used for the auth cycle. it should be fine.
would you mind testing though?
we will test with our internal provider as well but more coverage is better.
Thanks Yee. I ended up making this work by patching the other dependency, which really did not depend on url lib 2+. But that being said, I am very interested in this getting fixed in flytekit, so I don't need to maintain my own version of that other dependency.
@Yee How can I test? I actually do not need url lib for anything, it was just another dependency that was conflicting. If you have a suggested way to test, I can help with that.
do you use auth?
if so, would you mind checking out this branch: https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/pull/2431
well, you’ll probably need to install that branch, confirm urllib is on 2, and then try to run something that requires auth
let’s also just see if tests pass on the pr.
That's the thing, we don't rely on auth right now.
got it
well we’ll test internally at least, make sure it works.