Hey everyone! Any Idea about using custom image in...
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Hey everyone! Any Idea about using custom image in flyte? As i know we can use --image tag in pyflyte command. But I want it to set it permanent so that it doesn't need to pass everytime in the command..And As we know flytepropeller uses a podTemplate to run it's pod in a project namespace..But Is there any way we can change the default image of that flytepropeller. so that's it uses some other image instead of flytekit Also we don't want developers to mention the image in their code. We want to done it by admin's end
Pass as a config or set it in the task
Hi @Ketan (kumare3)...can you explain a bit what you are saying....we don't want to change anything as a developer perspective..like nothing in the workflows or tasks files
I'll have a chat with Devendra to understand and -hopefully- help better