From within a task, is it possible to get the `cre...
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From within a task, is it possible to get the
attributes? Or would that require a call to FlyteAdmin?
As that data is stored on the database, I think it will require a call to FlyteAdmin
yeah. what would this be used for?
I’m aggregating all of the data from FlyteDecks timeline into a single CSV file to quantify performance drift over time. One thing it doesn’t captured is time queued, which we’ve had some issues with due to our node pool and IP addresses
related, the Flyte timeit decorator was really nice for this! it made it so that I could easily add profiling to specific sections of tasks that I care about and automatically add them to the deck
this is performance drift of flyte itself?
it’s mostly for our tasks, but the queued timing is for Flyte/our cluster itself yes
we want full turnaround time to be considered, which includes time queued
i feel like these should be considered separately, though i don’t have good advice on how.
we could write a small helper function to profile the last X executions, but was hoping the runtimes (and time queued) could be an artifact of the execution itself