`overwrite_cache` and Map Task issue Has anyone s...
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and Map Task issue Has anyone seen strangeness with
and map tasks? See attached - I relaunched a workflow, marking the overwrite_cache flag from the Flyte Console UI, and when I saw my 100-task map task completed in 5s, I opened it to see all results had been read from the cache. All other tasks in the workflow re-computed and re-wrote to the cache as expected.
map tasks are known to not really support much of Flyte's capabilities. If you can, try the ArrayNode based replacement, which you can read more about here: https://flyte.org/blog/flyte-1-9-arraynode-execution-tags-new-navigation-and-more
Of particular note from that post:
In contrast to map tasks, an ArrayNode provides the following enhancements:
2. Cache management. It supports both cache serialization and cache overwriting for subtask executions.
Also we are working on making array node support almost all of flyte 'task` and node types - for example launch plan support
Thanks @Robert Deaton and @Ketan (kumare3)!