Hey folks! :wave: I’m running into an issue where ...
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Hey folks! 👋 I’m running into an issue where when I register a
, subsequent tasks in the same project all get the container args from notebook task, even if it’s in a completely different workflow. For example, the task named
, the task sees the container args:
["pyflyte-fast-execute","--additional-distribution","<path redacted>","--dest-dir",".","--","pyflyte-execute","--inputs","{{.input}}","--output-prefix","{{.outputPrefix}}","--raw-output-data-prefix","{{.rawOutputDataPrefix}}","--checkpoint-path","{{.checkpointOutputPrefix}}","--prev-checkpoint","{{.prevCheckpointPrefix}}","--resolver","flytekit.core.python_auto_container.default_task_resolver","--","task-module","flyte.arr_yield_estimates.eligibility.supplemental.natural_forest","task-name","plot_natural_support_forest_results"]
Things look ok again when I remove the NotebookTask and re-register 🤔
This definitely sounds like a bug. Assuming
is your notebook task? Are you getting any failures for the notebook task or other tasks? What does the behavior look like when you try to run?
cc @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) did we ship something that maybe broken instances tasks?
Very interesting. Nothing jumps out immediately, let me take a look.
@Marie Hoeger, can you confirm which version of flytekit you're running?
Daniel - yes plot_natural_support_forest_results is the name of my notebook task 👍 Using flytekit 1.11.0 (flytekitplugins-papermill and flytekitplugins-deck-standard are 1.11.0 too)
Thanks for jumping on this - please let me know if I can provide other details! 🙏
Also - this is the first time we’re using the NotebookTask, we have a few working runs but noticed that it messed up all the other workflows 😕