Hi, we’re trying to run Ray tasks with Flyte but w...
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Hi, we’re trying to run Ray tasks with Flyte but we are facing some issues: • With Kuberay 1.1.0 and Flyte 1.11.1-b1 (as suggested in the docs) only the head node is being created; worker nodes are not initializing. • With Kuberay 1.0.0 and Flyte v1.10 both head and worker nodes are created, but no jobs are visible on the dashboard. The status of the RayJob shows
Does anyone know what the issue is or how to search for the problem? Thanks in advance
which version of flyte you are using?
cc @Chi-Sheng Liu(劉奇聖)
Previously we also faced some issues when we were using kuberay 1.1.0 with Flyte 1.11.0: Then we rollback it to kuberay 1.0.0 and it is working fine with Flyte 1.11.0
We (Linkedin) are running fine with Flyte 1.11.1-b1 and Kuberay 1.1.0. Happy to hop on a call to help debugging
#new-ray-debug @Kevin Su @Chi-Sheng Liu(劉奇聖) @Adrian Salinero @Zeeshan let’s discuss in that public channel. also feel free to join if you are facing the same issue
Update: With kuberay 1.0.0 and Flyte 1.11.0 it’s working (as suggested by @Zeeshan). Thanks for your help!
@Byron Hsu Thank you for your Feedback. Currently we are running Flyte 1.11.0. once we upgrade the Flyte to stable 1.11.1 I will try again kuberay 1.1.0.
Can you provide your
and tell us which helm chart you are using?