Hi Flyte team, we're using `with_overrides(name)` ...
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Hi Flyte team, we're using
to change the name of a task and notice: • The graph view shows the new task name • But the node view doesn’t We're on the latest flytekit (
). Has anyone experienced something similar, is this a known UI bug? Code in 🧵.
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def make_test_dc(name: str, path: str, subfield: str, subpath: str) -> OuterDC:
    return OuterDC(name=name, path=path, inner_dc=InnerDC(subfield=subfield, subpath=subpath))

def extract_subpath(dc: OuterDC, simple_list: List[str]) -> str:
    import flytekit

    print(f"flytekit version: {flytekit.__version__}")
    return dc.inner_dc.subpath

def wf(
    name: str = "name",
    path: str = "path",
    subfield: str = "subfield",
    subpath: str = "subpath",
) -> str:
    dc = make_test_dc(name=name, path=path, subfield=subfield, subpath=subpath).with_overrides(
    return extract_subpath(dc=dc, simple_list=["a", "b", "c"])
cc @Archit Rathore
@Sherwyn Dsouza I just reproduced this behavior with a simple example. Would you mind filing a new Issue?
Thanks @David Espejo (he/him), filed this issue here.