Curious if there are options to expand the task de...
# ask-the-community
Curious if there are options to expand the task details on the side. From one of our users:
this might not be much we can do anything about but in the new ui - the side box here is very very hard to use as less space now and cant resize:
I believe the k8s events used to be hidden so there was a little more space before
cc @Jason Porter
Yeah the intention there was to give more surface to logs (from user feedback) and then allow the tabs (eg, details. io, etc) to scroll. But we are exploring different UI for that entire sidebar experience; this is good feedback 👍
Thanks for the callout. We are prioritizing a fix where we auto-minimize the k8s events by default. This should free up some real estate in that sidebar. Will notify when that's out.
🙏 — also it doesn't need to be default collapsed! I think our users like seeing the k8s events, but probably just want the ability to collapse it if they n eed more space