One other question: we're also planning on migrati...
# flyte-deployment
One other question: we're also planning on migrating the s3 bucket that Flyte uses to a new one, after replicating all objects to the new bucket we hit the following issue after changing it in the helm chart:
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Conf container:old-flyte-bucket != Passed Container:new-flyte-bucket. Dynamic loading is disabled: not found
I'm seeing this line in the stow store: , and was wondering if it's possible to set
enableDynamicContainerLoading: true
somewhere in the helm charts?
that's the flag. let us know if that works fine for you
Yep, that did the trick ✔️ . Thank you @David Espejo (he/him)!
We’re doing a DB and bucket migration, and the bucket steps seem sane but didn’t seem like we could do the DB migration without taking a downtime window