Hey everyone :wave:, I created a PR for an RFC: <5...
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Hey everyone 👋, I created a PR for an RFC: 5204. Unfortunately the RFC does not show up in https://github.com/orgs/flyteorg/projects/12/views/1?layout=table. If you like to, you can of course discuss it today, but I will not be able to make it today to the the meeting. Thanks in advance 🙂
Hey Rob, I think this is something we need to add to the RFC process document. On the right hand side, could you add it to the RFC project? -Not sure if everyone has permissions for this-
Hi @David Espejo (he/him), I do not have permissions to do so 😞
for now I added the
label to the PR and enabled a workflow to add it to the project board. Next thing will be to explore how to autolabel PRs that include
in the title