Hey <@U06HBGN1SA0> where does Flyte task cache is ...
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Hey @Glime where does Flyte task cache is stored?
Flyte task cache metadata is stored in a database, as indicated by discussions on the Flyte community forum and GitHub issues. Specifically, task execution metadata, including cache status, is stored in the FlyteAdmin database. This metadata can be queried to understand cache hits or misses, among other things. Additionally, the actual data related to task inputs and outputs, which are part of the caching mechanism, is stored in a blob store to ensure high availability. This setup allows for the persistence and retrieval of cached task data across executions. --- This is an AI-generated response, take its recommendations with caution. Please help us improve the model accuracy by giving this response a thumbs up/thumbs down reaction. Sources https://discuss.flyte.org/t/10311381/hi-some-more-questions-about-flyte-caching-is-there-a-way-to/ https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/discussions/3402/ Answered By Glime 👍 button 👎 button