For the flyteagent helm chart w/ sensor enabled, i...
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For the flyteagent helm chart w/ sensor enabled, it's not clear to me where configurations should be set. I've got 2 reference points: and The sensor agent docs don't refer to any prerequisite steps such as enabling flyteagent like the first link shows. Additionally, it's unclear if all the settings are required in both sections(such as the
) or if only one is required. Does anyone have insights into this?
for the second one, it is for sandbox mode
will be removed in the future.
Which I mean is, we will use it, but we will have a metadata service to create it
in flyte sandbox, flyteagent is enabled by default, so you don't need to configure the first one
ok, this is for production eks deployment, so I'm assuming I'll enable and configure it w/ the first link config
and then we can get the docs update to point out that in non-sandbox mode, you must enable flyteagent
Yes you’re right
Cc @Kevin Su
@Blake Jackson could you file an Issue for this?