# announcements

David Espejo (he/him)

03/15/2024, 10:01 PM
This week in Flyte (March 11 - 15)🎉 flyte 1.11 releaseHighlights ▪︎ 🚨*Agents go GA!*🚨DocsBlogAvailable agents ▪︎ Security enhancements to Helm charts ▪︎ Corrected `isParent`metadata in ArrayNode • 🎯 flytekit 1.11 release ◦ Improvements to ImageSpec ◦ Fix to container image override in the backend ◦ Plus much more • ⚙️ Integrations Inventory WG formed ◦ If you're using (or have tried to use) any of the integrations available for Flyte, please enter your feedback in this short form ◦ The final assessment will live here Upcoming🌏 Kubecon EU week ◦ @Bernhard Stadlbauer will present the awesome work Pachama does for the planet, and how they use Flyte ▪︎ If you're attending the conference, let us know! • 🔥 Flyte Community Meeting - April ◦ A team from will share how they are improving efficiency and DX at many levels with a platform based on Flyte. ▪︎ April 2nd, 2024 ▪︎ 9:00 am PT ▪︎ Zoom ▪︎ More details to come! --- Thank you!