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@Glime when i register a task, how do i specify different resources for different domains?
When registering a task in Flyte and specifying different resources for different domains, you can achieve this by using a Python dictionary to map each domain to its respective resource requirements and then accessing these resources based on the domain during task registration. This approach allows you to dynamically assign resource requests and limits for different domains (e.g., development, staging, production) within the same project. Here's an example based on the discussion in the Flyte community:
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from flytekit import task, Resources  # Define resource requirements for each domain RES = {     "development": {         "requests": Resources(cpu="1", mem="100Mi"),         "limits": Resources(cpu="2", mem="200Mi"),     },     "production": {         "requests": Resources(cpu="2", mem="500Mi"),         "limits": Resources(cpu="4", mem="1Gi"),     }, }  # Use the domain-specific resource requirements in your task @task(requests=RES[settings.domain]["requests"], limits=RES[settings.domain]["limits"]) def my_task():     ...
In this example,
would be a variable that specifies the current domain (e.g., "development" or "production"). This allows the
function to use different resource specifications depending on the domain it's being registered or executed in. This method provides flexibility in managing resource requirements across different environments, ensuring that tasks have the appropriate resources allocated based on the domain's needs.