The release notes of 1.11 say that caching is now ...
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The release notes of 1.11 say that caching is now overrible on workflow nodes which is an amazing feature 🙂 Has anyone made this work? When trying the new release, for me it appears not to work yet:
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def foo() -> str:
    return "foo"

def my_wf():
Assuming there is a cache entry for version 1.0, I would expect that the second node in the graph gets re-executed but for me it doesn’t, flytekit and helm chart on 1.11: I saw implementation in flytekit and flyteidl. Is implementation in propeller missing or am I doing something wrong? :)
I don’t think this was implemented in the back
@Fabio Grätz, you're correct, there's work afoot to get this working for workflows. As for how this is supported in tasks, has more context.
I don’t know if the launchplan caching support will be in oss as folks can shoot themeselves I the foot
Thanks for the replies! Do I understand it correctly that moving the cache lookup from the task to the node is a pre-requisite for allowing cache overrides as overrides always happen on the node?