Hello everyone, I would like to humbly ask for you...
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Hello everyone, I would like to humbly ask for your guidance on a matter concerning Flyte. When executing workflows, does each run and each task necessitate the creation of a new pod? I've noticed that running a simple "hello world" example workflow takes about 15 seconds, and I'm wondering if there's a way to reduce this duration to around 3 seconds or so. Any insights or suggestions you could share would be greatly appreciated.
if you've downloaded the image before, it will be quick
for tasks you want to run faster, you can use agent plugin
it is a stateless server and will not create a pod to do the task you want
however, it will be a little bit too complicated
thank you very much for your help
What is the agent plugin, and where can I learn more about it? Are there any documentation or tutorials available?
I would like to inquire about the process of developing an agent plugin on my own, in case the officially integrated ones do not meet my requirements. How might one go about this?
agent documentation is here: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/flyte_agents/index.html and the current list of agents is here: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/flytesnacks/integrations.html#flyte-agents and if you want to develop an agent, take a look at https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/flyte_agents/developing_agents.html specifically. hope that helps!
But you are right in the absence of using agents - pods are recreated. The goal is to have a serverless isolated computer platform that feels natural to use. At union we are building some new capabilities that will accelerate the way pods are created and reused