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Ethan Brown

02/28/2024, 6:57 PM
Question for folks that have setup a split between metadata / data buckets. I'm trying to dial in the ideal config, and I think there's something I'm missing. In the Helm chart for flyte-core, the
section is shared amongst flyteadmin, flytepropeller, etc -- so my understanding is that the bucket specified there should be the metadata bucket. Flyteadmin generates signed urls for: • pyflyte register - to store the workflow definition • pyflyte run - to store the initial inputs But I would think that inputs are data rather than metadata ... am I misunderstanding?
So doesn't that indicate that Flyteadmin has to differentiate between / generate different signed urls based on the context?

Kevin Su

02/29/2024, 10:42 AM
But I would think that inputs are data rather than metadata ... am I misunderstanding? (edited)
int, string, and float are metadata
flytekit will offload the data to other bucket for flytefile or structured dataset
IIRC, flytekit send metadata to flyteadmin through gRPC, and admin will upload input.pb to s3

Noah Jackson

03/07/2024, 7:58 PM
I also see this issue with splitting things between data and metadata buckets...the problem for me stems from the way
works. For instance, if I run something like
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pyflyte run remote-launchplan workflow.test_input --infile test.txt
I see calls to
. This will return a signed url for uploading
to my metadata bucket, but I would like for the file to go to my data bucket. I have tried modifying flyteadmin's storage location, but then all of the
files it writes also go to my data bucket Is there a different way I should be launching workflow executions so the inputs are stored in my data bucket?