# flyte-deployment

Denis Skakalski

02/21/2024, 2:58 PM
hi guys, I have deployed the Flyte (version in Helm chart 1.10.7) on Azure AKS cloud, now I have created storage account (name is 'flyte', data lake is activated) and PostgresSQL (ver.16 ), everything have started successfully, but during executing workflow I am getting such errors in logs: ---------------------- FlyteAssertion: Failed to get data from abfs://my-flyte-container/flytesnacks/development/I62Z4WQMINA7777777777RU==== ==/script_mode.tar.gz to /root/ (recursive=False). Original exception: unable to connect to account for Must provide either a connection_string or account_name with credentials!! ----------------------- This is my value.yaml ---------------------------------------------------------- flyte-core-components: propeller: # disabled Disables flytepropeller disabled: false rawoutput-prefix: configuration: database: username: flyte password: uuuuuu host: port: 5432 dbname: postgres options: sslmode=disable storage: #Learn more about how Flyte handles data: metadataContainer: "" userDataContainer: "" provider: azure providerConfig: azure: # configDomainSuffix Domain name suffix configDomainSuffix: "" # configUploadConcurrency Upload Concurrency (default 4) configUploadConcurrency: 4 # account Storage Account name account: "flyte" # key Storage Account key if used key: "50f4xgsGkx669GMruuuuuuuuuBkocNGw60YlI+AStnH0gyA==" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- and that is the final template: ----------------------------------------------- data: 000-core.yaml: | admin: endpoint: localhost:8089 insecure: true catalog-cache: endpoint: localhost:8081 insecure: true type: datacatalog cluster_resources: standaloneDeployment: false templatePath: /etc/flyte/cluster-resource-templates logger: show-source: true level: 1 propeller: create-flyteworkflow-crd: true webhook: certDir: /var/run/flyte/certs localCert: true secretName: flyte-backend-flyte-binary-webhook-secret serviceName: flyte-backend-flyte-binary-webhook servicePort: 443 flyte: admin: disableClusterResourceManager: false disableScheduler: false disabled: false seedProjects: - flytesnacks dataCatalog: disabled: false propeller: disableWebhook: false disabled: false rawoutput-prefix: 001-plugins.yaml: | tasks: task-plugins: default-for-task-types: container: container container_array: k8s-array sidecar: sidecar enabled-plugins: - container - sidecar - k8s-array - agent-service plugins: logs: kubernetes-enabled: false cloudwatch-enabled: false stackdriver-enabled: false k8s: co-pilot: image: "" k8s-array: logs: config: kubernetes-enabled: false cloudwatch-enabled: false stackdriver-enabled: false 002-database.yaml: | database: postgres: username: flyte host: port: 5432 dbname: postgres options: "sslmode=disable" 003-storage.yaml: | propeller: rawoutput-prefix: abfs:// storage: type: stow stow: kind: azure config: account: flyte key: 50f4xtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttlI+AStnH0gyA== configUploadConcurrency: 4 container: my-flyte-container -------------------------------------------- Maybe you can advice, where am I wrong?

Chris Grass

02/21/2024, 3:11 PM
i responded in your other thread.