Hi, I'm wondering a bit why flyte is able to regis...
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Hi, I'm wondering a bit why flyte is able to register, display and execute a cron expression like this
0 6 * * MON#1
, but flytescheduler provides error logs:
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unable to register the schedule {BaseModel:{ID:1259 CreatedAt:2024-02-05 09:51:51.390164 +0000 UTC UpdatedAt:2024-02-05 09:51:51.390164 +0000 UTC DeletedAt:<nil>} SchedulableEntityKey:{Project:<project> Domain:development Name:<my>-launchplan Version:3622cca2ce009e394c1d193d43b6fe46c062afdc} CronExpression:0 6 * * MON#1 FixedRateValue:0 Unit:MINUTE KickoffTimeInputArg: Active:0xc000a042b4} due to failed to parse int from MON#1: strconv.Atoi: parsing "MON#1": invalid syntax
Is that a know "issue"?
not a known issue, but looking at the admin code, it does look like that yeah
the code is not validating the cron expression as part of the registration flow.
mind submitting an issue?
(or even a fix??)
Sure, will submit one next week, as I'm going into a short vacation
Created the issue: https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/issues/4953 Let me know if it is lacking any information.