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David Espejo (he/him)

02/16/2024, 8:34 PM
This week in Flyte (Feb 12-16)🎯*Flyte 1.10.7 release (notes)* ◦ Highlights: ▪︎ Adopting buf for protobuf stub generation -> no Java/C++ stubs anymore #4806 ▪︎ gRPC gateway upgraded to v2 -> optimized API performance and compatibility ▪︎ Support for graceful node failure handling #4308 ▪︎ Enhanced robustness of secrets management #4310 ▪︎ Multiple bug fixes • 🚀 flytekit 1.10.7 release (notes)Highlights ▪︎ Multiple improvements in error messages #2142 #2130 ▪︎ Union[FlyteDirectory, FlyteFile] added to type engine #2149🎉LinkedIn announced the release of the FlyteInteractive plugin, enabling interactive development with VSCode ◦ LinkedIn engineering blog

Complete demo

from the Community Meeting ◦ Nice media coverage Upcoming🎓*Deep dive into the Agents Framework* ◦ Led by Kevin Su ◦ Thursday, Feb 22 ◦ More info and sign-up🚨*Community Meeting has migrated to Linux Foundation's Zoom account*🚨New (and permanent) Zoom link (see GIF on how to join) ◦ Add the event to your calendarNext session: ▪︎ Tue, March 5th ▪︎ 9:00am PT (time converter) ▪︎ Agenda:🔥*Cross platform lineage using OpenLineage* ◦ Presenter: Harel Shein, OpenLineage committer • 💥 Flyte platform monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana ◦ Presenter: Shivay Lamba, Flyte user -- Thanks to every user and contributor for making Flyte a great community and project!