# ask-ai

Blake Jackson

02/12/2024, 4:30 AM
@Glime How do I initialize workflow-meta or launchplan-meta?


02/12/2024, 4:31 AM
To initialize or work with workflow metadata or launchplan metadata in Flyte, you would typically interact with these entities through the Flyte SDK, known as Flytekit. While the provided context does not directly answer how to initialize metadata for workflows or launch plans, it provides insights into related discussions and feature requests that touch on aspects of working with workflows and launch plans in Flyte. For workflows, metadata can include various elements such as annotations, labels, and system metadata that Flyte uses to manage and execute workflows. Similarly, launch plans, which are a way to execute workflows with a specific set of inputs and configurations, also have metadata associated with them. Given the context, it seems there's an interest in understanding how to work with launch plans (as seen in the discussions about specifying workflow versions in launch plans, and dynamically launching workflows with sub-launch plans). However, specific methods to initialize or modify metadata for these entities are not directly covered. To work with workflow or launch plan metadata, you would typically: 1. Define your workflow in Python using Flytekit. 2. Add metadata to your workflow definition using the appropriate Flytekit constructs. This could include setting annotations, labels, and other relevant metadata properties. 3. For launch plans, you would create a launch plan for your workflow, which can also include metadata about the execution, such as scheduled times, fixed inputs, etc. If you're looking to dynamically modify or interact with metadata at runtime, you might need to look into more advanced features or request new features from the Flyte team, as suggested by the discussions in the GitHub issues. For detailed instructions and examples on how to define workflows, add metadata, and create launch plans using Flytekit, I recommend checking the official Flyte documentation and Flytekit API reference: • Flyte documentation: • Flytekit Python API: These resources will provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive guidance on working with Flyte, including how to manage metadata for workflows and launch plans.