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@Glime What are project and domain used for?
Projects and domains in Flyte serve as organizational and isolation mechanisms to manage and execute workflows and tasks efficiently across different environments and teams. Projects are a multi-tenancy primitive in Flyte that allow for the logical grouping of Flyte workflows and tasks. These often correspond to source code repositories or logical groupings of workflows that share a common purpose or are developed by a specific team. Projects help in organizing the workflows and tasks in a way that reflects the structure of teams or functionalities within an organization. Domains provide an abstraction layer to isolate resources and feature configurations for different deployment environments within a project. This enables the execution of workflows in environments with separate resource isolation and feature configurations, such as development, staging, and production. Domains allow for the specification of different resource limits and feature toggles (e.g., disabling launch plans and schedules in non-production domains) to suit the needs of each environment. This isolation can be crucial for experimenting, running production pipelines separately, conserving costs in non-production environments, and ensuring that workflows processing specific data remain isolated according to compliance requirements (e.g., PCI DSS/HIPAA). Together, projects and domains facilitate effective collaboration among multiple teams, allowing them to work jointly and independently. They also support the separation of concerns between software and infrastructure, enabling scalable and flexible deployment strategies across various environments.