(solved) Hi, community, I am wondering does anyone...
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(solved) Hi, community, I am wondering does anyone know that how to use
CLI Runner
to test
pyflyte run
in local environemnt? Here is my example in the thread!
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from airflow.sensors.filesystem import FileSensor
from airflow.sensors.time_sensor import TimeSensor
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from pytz import UTC

from flytekit import task, workflow

def t1():

def wf_time_sensor():
    # sensor = FileSensor(task_id="id", filepath="/tmp/1234")
    sensor = TimeSensor(task_id="fire_immediately", target_time=(datetime.now(tz=UTC)+timedelta(seconds=1)).time())
    sensor >> t1()

def wf_file_sensor():
    sensor = FileSensor(task_id="id", filepath="/tmp/1234")
    sensor >> t1()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from click.testing import CliRunner
    from flytekit.clis.sdk_in_container import pyflyte

    runner = CliRunner()
    # result = runner.invoke(cli, "--help")
    result = runner.invoke(pyflyte.main, ["run", "airflow_task.py", "wf_file_sensor"])
update: I have to print
at the end of line