# ask-ai

Olivier Sevin

02/07/2024, 8:04 PM
@Glime What's the difference between for example "flytepropeller-release" and "flytepropeller" images


02/07/2024, 8:05 PM
The difference between "flytepropeller-release" and "flytepropeller" images generally refers to the naming convention used to distinguish between different types of Docker images for FlytePropeller, which is a component of the Flyte system responsible for executing workflows. 1. "flytepropeller-release" Image: This naming convention typically indicates a specific, stable release version of the FlytePropeller component. These images are intended for production use and have undergone thorough testing. They are versioned following semantic versioning principles, making it easier for users to understand the changes between different versions. For example, an image tagged as "flytepropeller-release:v0.19.2" refers to the stable release version 0.19.2 of FlytePropeller. 2. "flytepropeller" Image: This naming might be used for images that are built directly from the latest source code of the FlytePropeller repository. These images could be more up-to-date but potentially less stable than the release versions. They might be used for development, testing, or experimental purposes to access the latest features or bug fixes that have not yet been included in a formal release. It's important to choose the right image based on your needs: • For production environments, it's recommended to use "flytepropeller-release" images with a specific version tag to ensure stability and reliability. • For development or testing environments, where accessing the latest features is more critical, and stability is less of a concern, using "flytepropeller" images might be more appropriate. Always refer to the official Flyte documentation or the specific image repository documentation for guidance on selecting and using the appropriate images for your use case.