Hi, I currently encountered issues when trying to ...
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Hi, I currently encountered issues when trying to run flyte. I followed the guide’s section “How to setup dev environment for flyteidl, flyteadmin, flyteplugins, flytepropeller, datacatalog and flytestdlib?” from Contributing to Flyte - Flyte After executing
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POD_NAMESPACE=flyte ./flyte start --config flyte-single-binary-local.yaml
I kept failing to connect to the flyte console (http://localhost:30080/console), which displays error message “`upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure, transport failure reason: delayed connect error: 111`" when trying to connect from browser. Below is a fraction of the output logs from flyte start:
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{"json":{"src":"entrypoint.go:56"},"level":"info","msg":"Started propeller webhook","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:48+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:88"},"level":"debug","msg":"Subqueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:48+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:98"},"level":"debug","msg":"Dynamically configured batch size [-1]","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:48+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:129"},"level":"debug","msg":"Exiting SubQueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:48+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:88"},"level":"debug","msg":"Subqueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:49+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:98"},"level":"debug","msg":"Dynamically configured batch size [-1]","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:49+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:129"},"level":"debug","msg":"Exiting SubQueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:49+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:88"},"level":"debug","msg":"Subqueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:50+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:98"},"level":"debug","msg":"Dynamically configured batch size [-1]","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:50+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:129"},"level":"debug","msg":"Exiting SubQueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:50+08:00"}
{"json":{"src":"composite_workqueue.go:88"},"level":"debug","msg":"Subqueue handler batch round","ts":"2024-02-07T02:25:51+08:00"}
I’m developing on WSL2, and I wonder if anyone has encountered similar issues before?
hey @L godlike, sorry for looping you in, but do you have any context here?
hi, @WCHsu did you start
flytectl demo start --dev
@L godlike Yeah I did, the http://localhost:30080/console works fine when --dev wasn't specified.
if you want to use single binary mode
you have to use
flag first
then cd flyte make compile; POD_NAMESPACE=flyte ./flyte start --config flyte-single-binary-local.yaml
@L godlike Yeah, I followed the guide but it seems not able to connect to the user console.
would you like to try this video?
I am the recorder


Actually I didn't face the problem you've met
and actually your logs are correct, I don't see anything weird