Does flytekit support nested namedtuple like the f...
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Does flytekit support nested namedtuple like the following:
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class ExecutionExtra(NamedTuple):
    error: str

class Result(NamedTuple):
    execution_extra: ExecutionExtra
When I try to decode from the following proto to `Result`:
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    "executionExtra": {
        "scalar": {
          "generic": {
            "error": "error"
I got
as a dict instead of a proper instance of
I can of course convert the dict to the object manually, but just wondering whether flytekit could do this type of thing automatically.
no unf. that is not possible right now.
there was some interest in the latest contributor meetings to revamp this, but this hasn’t been prioritized at all.
I see. Thank you.
If it helps, I basically did something like:
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def to_named_tuple(name: str, data: Any) -> Any:
    if isinstance(data, dict):
        data = {key: to_named_tuple(key, value) for key, value in data.items()}
        return namedtuple(name, data.keys())(**data)

    if isinstance(data, list):
        return [to_named_tuple(name, item) for item in data]

    return data