Hey folks, I have a sincere request for all of you...
# ask-the-community
Hey folks, I have a sincere request for all of you. Firstly I am thankful to you for joining the Flyte community. We are grateful for you trying the product. If you are enjoying the product and want to sustain development on it, please support by writing a blog, tweet or linkedin post that supports the project. This will make it possible for us to spread awareness and ensure many more folks can use the product and as a result, help Union continue to support it. Ketan (TSC chair for Flyte.org)
Here are some of the ways we can support you if you need it: 1. Writing can be hard. We can schedule a call, have a conversation, turn the transcript into an article that you can then review and publish on your blog or social media. 2. Review your drafts to make them even better. 3. If writing is not your thing, the community meeting is open for you to give a 20-25' presentation about how you and/or your org has been using Flyte. Next open slot is March 5th. 4. Lighting talks are part of the community meeting, meant to last <10' and where you can share something you have learned. Let's spread the word together. Thanks in advance!